Confused about solar panels? Don't worry, Reposit is here to help. Download the Beginners Guide to Solar Panels today!

The complete beginners guide to solar panels. Reposit Power brings you a ‘no-nonsense’ run-down of solar set-ups, and gives you the right questions to ask when it’s time to install your panels.

Our beginners guide to solar panels has 12 chapters to help you take back control and manage your home's energy usage with smart solar setups.

Learn about: 

  1. Introduction to solar panels
  2. What are solar panels
  3. How solar panels work 
  4. Home solar panel setups 
  5. Benefits of solar panels 
  6. Solar panels and smart technology
  7. Solar power savings
  8. Are solar panels worth it? 
  9. Solar panels: Choosing the best
  10. Solar panel maintenance 
  11. Solar panel buying checklist 
  12. Electricity plans and solar panels